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Encore's team of multi-skilled caretakers, porters and window cleaners are our eyes and ears at the properties we manage; able to spot and act on potential issues before they become a problem. Both our on-site porters and mobile caretakers work to a specific scope of services which is tailored to the needs and budget of each development.

Encouraged to take ownership of the sites they look after, they go the extra mile wherever possible to ensure the estate looks great - and many of our on-site concierge become a valuable asset to leaseholders. The role of porter/caretaker is a varied one covering internal and external cleaning, gardening and landscaping and maintenance.

In addition to our own in-house teams we will also instruct third party contractors where appropriate. We use only tried and tested contractors and in a bid to keep costs to a minimum will always look for experts in the local area.

We are required to ensure that contractors who attend a development comply with all of the relevant statutory regulations and are competent professionals. To do this, contractors provide us with insurance details, accreditation's, risk assessments, method statements and accident reporting. These documents and references are then checked by our Health & Safety Officer.