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  • Residential property cladding removal

On 10 February it was announced that an additional £3.5bn in funding (to add to the £1.6bn already promised) will be provided to help remediate buildings over 18 metres with unsafe cladding.

As property managers currently working with leaseholders at several properties affected by this issue, we welcome that decision and also look forward to seeing much-needed improvements to the EWS1 process, helping to unblock the housing market.

We would have liked for the Government to have gone further by lowering the fund application criteria relating to height to 11m, and by confirming that fire breaks in cavity barriers are included in the works covered by the fund. Hopefully we will see more developments on this front.

The Association of Residential Managing Agents (ARMA) has produced a useful summary of all of the above developments, as well as a host of other relevant information.

You can read more detail from the ARMA website here.

The full Government statement is available here.

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