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  • Health & Safety training for Encore staff
  • Working safely at residential developments

As part of its commitment to up-skill estate based staff and in particular those managing complex estates and those with teams, Encore has embarked on a program of training all Building Managers and Head Concierge on the IOSH (Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) Managing Safely course.

The first part of this intensive training consisted of a 3-day course in the Cambridge office attended by seven staff - all of whom passed the course with flying colours.

Further courses have now taken place as the company works to ensure key individuals at Encore-managed sites across the UK have a better understanding of health and safety on a day-to-day basis. For estate-based staff, this is enabling them to better monitor and manage risks on their developments and oversee the work of contractors by ensuring they have the correct safety training and documentation to carry out the work, and to check that they are working safely. The contractors we use are an extension of our service as a company, so this is of paramount importance.

So what is the Managing Safely training course – and why is it so important?

Whilst some property or building managers may see health and safety as an add-on to their role – Encore does not. Building managers are accountable for their teams, for any specialist contractors employed to work on-site and for the health and safety of residents and visitors and so it’s extremely important that they have the skills and ability to ensure their sites are managed safely.

The IOSH training covers a whole range of important issues, including:

• Assessing risks
• Controlling risks
• Understanding our responsibilities
• Identifying hazards
• Investigating accidents and incidents
• Measuring performance
• Protecting the environment

Associate Director and Regional & Client Manager, Rob Bingham, who was one of the first to pass the course, commented: “The IOSH Managing Safely course was a very thorough and insightful look at the practical elements of responsibility to Health and Safety.

Relevant examples were discussed and reviewed as part of the process and the session clearly demonstrated the responsibility we all have to ourselves, our colleagues and our clients. It gave me reassurance that the systems that Encore has in place already are robust and are given the priority that they deserve.”

Managing Director Joaquim Fillola added: “With this new addition to our Building Manager Training and Development Programme, we are improving knowledge and skills in health and safety. The IOSH qualification complements our Building Technology and Fire Safety in Blocks of Flats training and provides our Building Managers with an unique and comprehensive overview of building management in a safe environment.”

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