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Fire Safety Engagement Strategy Published

Based on the latest guidance provided by the government and best practices, Encore has developed a Fire Safety Resident Engagement Strategy to ensure compliance with the new requirements of the Building Safety Act 2022 for high-rise buildings. This strategy seamlessly integrates with our community approach and simplifies fire safety, making it easily accessible for all property owners and residents.

The primary goal of this strategy is to keep residents informed, engaged, and involved in building safety. We have created accessible fire safety advice content which is available through our portal and app. For residents not registered in our portal, printed information will be posted to them.

Furthermore, we have planned regular updates throughout the year, which may include information about building safety works or fire safety occurrences. Property owners and residents can submit specific fire safety requests and suggestions. Additionally, an annual fire safety consultation will be held to gather feedback and implement improvements in the management of every building, ensuring residents are well-informed and involved.

This initiative demonstrates how combining our professional expertise with new technology allows us all to adapt to new legislation effortlessly.

Fire safety is of the utmost importance to us, and we welcome any new ideas and innovations that will contribute to further improvement.