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We’re bringing our new-fashioned ways – and old-fashioned ideals – to the North West.

We’re putting down roots in the brilliant city of Manchester.

Clients have been asking us more and more whether we deliver our property management services across the North. The answer has always been a resounding ‘yes’ - but now we’re thrilled to take that a step further, announcing the opening of our new Manchester offices.

If you’re based in the region let’s have a chat, and a brew. We’d love to tell you more about our residential property management services in the North West. Get in touch with our local experts.

Encore puts down property management roots in Manchester

Upon announcing the opening of our new Manchester base, Encore CEO, Joaquim Fillola, explained why the move is a particularly exciting one for us: 

“The property landscape in the North and North West is very exciting. There are brilliant schemes, from leading regeneration and redevelopment projects to smaller developments, which are creating places people are proud to call ‘home’. 

These schemes are actively building communities that will thrive with the right managing agent taking care of the complexities of property management, building relationships and creating a positive legacy for the development.

That’s where we see Encore fitting in: we may be the new kids on the block in the region [YC1] but we’re bringing with us 20 years of property management experience.

With that comes what some might consider ‘old-fashioned’ values: to us that means brilliant customer service with local offices and no call centres; good financial control – with budgets and accounts on time; proactivity from our team who really care, and an approach that can really be trusted – whether that’s in the fact we don’t take a commission from contractors, or the fact that we’re certified and accredited. We get the basics right, because we have the skill, knowledge and experience to do so.

But along with that experience, expertise and transparency comes a fresh, modern take on property management: we’ve stayed abreast of changes – whether that’s in changing building safety regulations, or in adopting new technologies that help us to deliver the very best service.

We’ve created a strong and integrated technology platform that makes everything work seamlessly. Our systems talk to one another and that means everything is joined up: from our residents’ app, to instructing contractors, controlling compliance and looking after client funds. There’s no scrabbling to access information: we have it all at our fingertips so we can move swiftly and act decisively.”

For the past two decades our brilliant team has worked across developments of all types - from mixed-use, city centre, high-rise schemes to small and large private housing estates. And we’ve been named ARMA’s Managing Agent of the Year.

Along with our commitment to brilliant customer service, professionalism, honesty and integrity, that has made Encore the go-to choice of managing agent for leaseholders and developers.

Adding how we’re bringing a fresh approach to property management in the North of England, Dean Clarke, Estate Management Director said: 

“We look after every property as if it were our own, and our professionalism makes us a property manager that clients can trust and rely on. 

We’re a team that people love to work with: a friendly bunch, with extensive knowledge and expertise to share. All of that combined makes the places we look after thrive, and it makes the lives of our clients – whether they’re RMCs, developers, freeholders or investors - easier because they know property management is being looked after by the professionals.” 

Residential Property Management in Manchester

Our Business Development Manager for the North West, Jess, sees this Encore 'way’ as an exciting prospect for developments in the region:

“Being local to Cheshire, and having worked in the North West for several years, I’m thrilled to be combining my local knowledge with our 20 years experience as a managing agent.

Encore has an extensive portfolio of developments under its management, and our knowledge coming from experience with complex schemes in the Midlands and London will be of particular benefit to developments in the North West.” 

The opening of our Manchester office extends Encore’s reach across the country, adding to our existing bases in London, Nottingham, Cambridge, and Berkshire.

If you would like to find out more about property management services and consultancy in the North West, reach out to our local team.