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Sunday Times: one of the UK's Best Places to Work

We’re thrilled to share the news that Encore has been named in the Sunday Times’ Best Places to Work 2024.

“What huge recognition this is for our brilliant people at Encore,” explains Joaquim Fillola, CEO of Encore.

Best Places to Work exclusively lists companies - across all sectors and industries - who score higher on every attribute measured following an anonymised and independent employee survey. That includes assessing employee wellbeing, inclusivity and diversity, team stability and job satisfaction.

Encore surpassed all industry and global averages in the scoring criteria, with standout scores in employee engagement, wellbeing and confidence in management.

“Being one of the best places to work is ultimately down to each and every one of our employees. Because each day they’re the people who make Encore great. It’s their hard work, team spirit, care and commitment to delivering to the very best standards, that makes a real difference.

 “As a company, we’re proud - and dedicated - to supporting them however we can, whether that’s through helping each employee achieve their career goals or to ensure they have the tools and support needed to strike a work life balance that prioritises their wellbeing.”

The Best Places to Work listing comes after Encore was named as the ACE Awards’ inaugural Wellbeing Champion and The Negotiator Awards’ Employer of the Year 2023. 

“We’ve always known Encore is a great place to work but being featured by the Sunday Times is an independently verified - and really very significant - ‘stamp of approval’,” adds Fillola. 

As for our team, they’re proud of Encore’s status as one of the UK’s Best Places to Work too. And rightly so, because without them we simply wouldn’t be where we are today – the achievement is ultimately theirs to celebrate. In their own words, here’s what it means to some of them.

In Debby’s words“Encore has been my home for 20 years. You could say I’m part of the furniture and I couldn’t be prouder of that! 

“The years have seen us design together, build together, grow together and most importantly, stay together. We have created an amazing space for our teams to thrive and excel and be the best they can be. And not by chance but by sharing one vision. When a company is run with honesty and passion you get a highly rewarding outcome.”

For Jason, the opportunities available to everyone are central to making Encore a place where people thrive: “At Encore, you are encouraged to grow as an employee with clear progression paths available at all levels. If you want to stay in a role that’s fine. If you want to grow that’s supported. You can really see why so many of Encore’s people have been here so long. My best career move by far!”

Nick recognises the difference professionalism makes to Encore’s people, particularly in the challenging property management industry:

“At Encore the focus is not just on the work but it is on the people and culture. This is what makes Encore different. We work in a very tough industry, but it is a joy to come to work because of the people, processes, structure and support. We have retention levels not seen in the rest of the industry because we are breaking the mould and doing everything with an employee-first focus.”

Residential property managers

With over a decade at Encore, Lianne has seen her career flourish, highlighting the ingrained culture of support as vital to her achievements:

“I consider myself lucky to work with the warm, passionate and knowledgeable people at Encore. The environment fosters personal and professional growth – I joined at entry level 11 years ago and am now heading up a department as an Associate Director. This is thanks to the mentoring and knowledge imparted by colleagues, and from the qualifications being funded and supported by Encore. There are clear strides being made to offer competitive benefits, which adds to the feeling that employees are valued and that wellbeing is a priority.” 

For Jen, there’s so much that’s rolled into making Encore a great place to work: “My 8-year career at Encore has been fast paced yet stimulating in equal measure. There’s lots to get involved with as the company grows and adapts to incorporate innovative processes for employees – it’s been so rewarding being part of that change.”

“Having worked in both our client-facing team and internally to train and develop our Encore family, I’ve had the opportunity to widen my own skillset and develop in several key areas of the company.”

Ruth adds: “What a proud moment for Encore to be included in the prestigious Sunday Times Best Places to Work. I have seen the company grow significantly in recent years yet still retain its family feel and excellent team spirit. Achievements are celebrated, feedback is acted on, and new ideas encouraged.

“Ultimately, the company recognises the key to providing a high-level service is to place as much emphasis on the development and wellbeing of its employees as the needs of its clients.”

Encore has continually invested into its employee wellbeing strategy, Encore Life, with a growing number of initiatives including:

  • Increased holiday allowance
  • Reduced/flexible working hours
  • Bring Your Dog to Work Days
  • Hybrid working
  • Company-organised exercise sessions and activities
  • A discounts and wellbeing tools platform
  • Online GP, counselling and nutrition advice
  • Team building
  • Employee Brilliance Awards
  • Team volunteering and fundraising

Charity dragon boat race

Passionate about being a great place to work, , Fillola explains Encore will continue to be a place that recognises achievements, celebrates each employee and highlights the value everyone brings - all whilst having fun along the way:

“As we welcome more people into Encore, we want to make sure their voices are heard too.

“With the right people and company around you, property management is an exciting, diverse and challenging career. I for one am hugely proud that Encore is showing our industry is fulfilling and enjoyable. Together, we’re making brilliant things happen - for each other, the communities we work in, the places we make better and the clients we ‘wow’.” said Fillola.

If you’d like to find out more about what has made us one of the UK’s Best Places to Work, and whether we’ve got a role that’s right for you, take a look at our current vacancies.